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until noon at the Lafayette County Public Library.

Right now, you will find six members who are printed or perhaps close to publication.

Writer's INK meeting every Thursday coming from 9 a.m. (WTXL) -- There's a new nearby source for just with regards to any up-and-coming authors that's about supporting creating inside the community.

For a lot more information, contact 386-294-1021 or even click here.

Writer's INK had been established throughout 2012 simply by Jonnie Whittington along http://typeissexy.com with Delores Leggett Walker.

The goal? Encouragement regarding local writers who are attempting to obtain work published.. It's free involving charge to consider part.

The team in addition may serve as any assistance system for writers that are searching for honest feedback. Organizers say group members cover all genres along with skill sets, such as editing and also technology.


Keep trying, keep testing, keep iterating, and inside the end you'll get it right.

This has been the truth with most of of the firms defined above.

In 2008, Ben (co-founder) hates his job, quits, however doesn't know what he desires to build

Built an app known as Tote, also it flopped

Decided to use a manufacturer new idea, a website for collecting things...

Rejected by simply lots of investors

Makes 50 various versions of the site

Launches website along with will get 200 initial users

Personally writes emails for you to first 7,000 users (whew!), plus performing so, finds his early adopters to become "moms"

It's in addition the story involving Airbnb, Instagram, Pinterest and a great deal of additional startups.

Kevin (co-founder) learns in order to code after work.

Builds an app referred to become able to as Burbn in which would every small thing via check-ins for you to photos.

Didn't work, thus he chose to just concentrate on photographs as well as built a various app...

It didn't work, so that they went again for you to Burbn...

Iterated again, scrapped everything, simplified, and renamed Instagram.

And finally, here's Pinterest:

XPRIZE Story: I read Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Then, by means of the actual mixture of difficult work, determination, experimentation, GRIT, timing, luck and a lot of drama, these firms stumbled their particular method to turn out to be billion-dollar powerhouses.


Zero-G Story: Throughout 1993 I wanted to fly about NASA's Zero-G plane... A Pair Of involving the firms I've founded or cofounded took 10+ many years to be able to actually obtain going.

It's rare to get a organization for you to "get it right" about the very first try.


People often forget how tough it actually is to begin out a new company.

Entrepreneurship Can Be Non-Linear -- Grit Is The key Friend

Thanks goodness they tied to it. in Could regarding 1996, with out the actual prize cash in hand, we announced your $10M XPRIZE anyway. Private Story: Zero G and XPRIZE

Two co-founders can't help to make rent and rent their own spare bedroom.

They launched with SXSW inside 2007 in support of got TWO bookings.

They had to sell Obama "O's" CEREAL from $40 a new pop in order to maintain the lights on, any support that wasn't even remotely associated for their core business

They were creating $200 weekly regarding months as well as NOT GROWING

They pitched and also were REJECTED simply by many VCs along the way.

Image Credit: Shutterstock.com

In my life, over the actual span of 17 companies, this story may be the actual norm. Following all, anyone didn't spend the money until AFTER the actual winning prize has been won. among one in the most critical attributes regarding becoming an effective entrepreneur today.

What is actually grit? Grit will be refusing to offer up. as much as I tried, they informed me no. It's generating your personal luck.

An overnight success... The Particular concept of the actual XPRIZE found mind as well as I started the actual Foundation. Just what occurred subsequent was 5 numerous years of "NO's"... Louis book inside 1994. As Well As it's now really worth an estimated $35 billion.

But that's furthermore why its enjoyable -- it is truly a challenge in which you've in order to throw your total lifestyle into, when you get it right, your rewards are extremely well well really worth the effort.

That's the story regarding my founding XPRIZE and co-founding Zero-G.

Entrepreneurial good results is nearly always harder than you imagine along with practically always takes more than anyone expect.

Since then I'm proud in order to state that we've flown over 15,000 individuals which range from age 7 to 93, including Professor Stephen Hawking and wheelchair-bound children straight into weightlessness.

It took ten years, via concept to reward award...

Here are generally their stories (in brief):

This postis with regards to "grit"... Finally (long story) I met your Ansari family that will funded the particular purse (we named it the actual Ansari XPRIZE in their honor), along with a couple of years afterwards October 4th, 2004 the XPRIZE was won.

All involving these companies started as little ideas. I did, together with Byron Lichtenberg along with Ray Cronise, plus may 1993 we had our first meeting using the FAA. My response (as usual) had been okay, screw it, I'll begin a zero-g business myself. I pitched 150+ sponsors, suffered via Sept 11th (how regarding raising funds to obtain a space award when the world will be falling apart) and in addition the Columbia Shuttle disaster. So... Their Own response? "What? YOU WANT TO DO WHAT? Place 36 individuals within an airplane, take off their particular seat belts, place the plane right in to a dive and have all of them float across the cabin? What, are you crazy?"

The photo sharing app had been acquired by simply Facebook regarding $1 billion. I believed regarding sure that somebody would fund your purse. It's persistence. right after ten years of difficult work.

Here may be the key: If you'll be in a position to survive long enough, as well as you're constantly iterating, experimenting, as well as improving your business, then eventually the particular timing is planning to be right!

It took us 11 years of continuous pressure, difficult work, as well as outlasting bureaucrats for you to grow to be operational, finally in September associated with 2004.

Most companies and also entrepreneurs need experimentation as well as iteration to actually discover product-market suit and strike the chord with the business.

[Infographic through Anna Vital, courtesy involving Funders and also Founders]

Let's require a take a look at three infographics depicting your non-linear, sometimes crazy paths to always be able to success of the couple of well known, billion dollar startups: AirBnb, Instagram as well as Pinterest.

A couple of of my favorite highlights:

Pinterest is now priced at $11 billion.

First, here's AirBnb:

And today, as we possess been hitting our stride, your XPRIZE Groundwork is currently 21 many years old!

And as I outlined inside an earlier weblog reviewing Bill Gross's DLD and also TED talks on the crucial attributes for entrepreneurial success, it's really mostly concerning timing.

Timing, Experimentation along with Iteration. Their Own little thought is now priced at $25 billion.

A couple of associated with my http://linterest17.com favorite highlights:

[Infographic simply by Anna Vital, courtesy associated with Funders along with Founders]

A few regarding my favorite highlights:

And here is Instagram:

It actually can be exactly about GRIT.

[Infographic simply by Anna Vital, courtesy involving Funders along with Founders]


If a person think inside your vision, don't give up

Christiansen said a new information breach involving wearable fitness devices could allow identity thieves to commit Medicare fraud or even potentially blackmail individuals throughout paying to become able to avoid wellness info coming from becoming leaked. Your ability to manually manipulate results could carry higher consequences as well being insurers consider using the actual data tracked by wearable fitness devices for you to alter program rates.

On the particular technologies weblog evilsocket, Simone Margaritelli, any computer software developer and safety researcher with regard to mobile security business Zimperium, reverse-engineered a new Nike FuelBand and also accessed data logs around the device.


From allowing a user for you to accidentally publish exercise logs on social media showing your quantity of calories burned during sex to helping jealous sorts keep tabs on their significant other people to always be able to permitting the owner for you to transmit false information with regards to physical activity, wearable fitness devices for example Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, Polar Loop as well as Jawbone UP occur with just about all the possible to acquire a quantity of unintended consequences.

A Fitbit spokesman wrote: "It provides always been our policy never to offer user data; we have by simply no means offered personal data and that will we do not really talk about personal information unless a user particularly directs us to do so, as well as below the restricted exceptions described in our privacy policy."

Deborah M. However hacking into the devices takes time, skill, technical knowledge and, the majority of importantly, opportunity.

"[Hackers] can change and sell the data via different channels pertaining to economic gain," he said.

"A large quantity of apps ask to access your current contacts or place services," she said. the site offers customers redeemable rewards, usually gift cards, regarding reaching particular fitness goals. Margaritelli said.

Ms. Todd contributed.

Besides marketers, John Christiansen, a new Seattle-based attorney specializing in info technology as well as health care law, mentioned hackers seek the actual huge levels of raw data saved in wearable private fitness devices servers to offer upon active "data black markets."

"Physicians want to make use of them," Mr. The team led by simply Mr. Pertaining To much more stories in the series, including any multimedia examine one particular Negative Information Day, go to post-gazette.com/surveillance.

In fact, Dan Nydick, technical director at Avere Techniques inside Pittsburgh, urged wearable fitness device customers only to hand out info important to the working in the device.

Amy Baker, the vice president with Pittsburgh-based Wombat security Technology, stated marketers seek user profiles http://maxmusclevenice.com along with GPS logs from your devices for specific advertising. "It should be exactly the same for your apps as well as devices."

"The information you'll become able to leak from the device itself just isn't sensitive, merely a bunch of data regarding people's wellness habits," he said.

After getting into the unencrypted backdoor on the device, Mr. Your logs -- combined with gender, height along with excess weight -- give marketers insight directly into how, when and also where a person should advertise to be able to a specific user.

The devices log huge numbers of information concerning the user, monitoring steps as well as the number of calories burned, heartrate along with sleep patterns among various other information. Carbunar said. Knowing a location not too long ago visited by the wearer allows hackers to transmit the fake email offering deals or even a consumer survey from the shop or perhaps restaurant with all the link truly associated with spyware or a virus.

Mr. Baker said being able to monitor locations visited from the user makes phishing attacks possible. "You can appear after your self by considering 'I don't must discuss this; I want to maintain it private.' "

A research by German antivirus business AV-TEST concluded which six out of nine in the world's top-selling fitness trackers -- including the particular Fitbit Cost -- may be hacked into, along with data could be altered via any Bluetooth-LE enabled device.

"This data could be considered through medical well being insurance companies to offer discounts on premiums," Mr. Christiansen said. the device requires zero user authentication. Worse, the particular greater the particular quantity of information a criminal gathers about a possible victim, the bigger the possibility associated with gaining usage of much more sensitive information.

. Your devices link the particular gathered information to a user profile attached to a new laptop as well as smartphone through any Bluetooth connection and send the info to the cloud pertaining to safekeeping. Carbunar reverse-engineered the Fitbit Ultra plus a Garmin Forerunner.

However, Mr. Margaritelli mentioned tapping into a device sync gives hackers backdoors in to laptops along with smartphones full of private information. the prospective to get a hack exists through the information exchanges.

Wearable fitness devices continue to evolve and be a a part of every day life.

"If someone knocked in your door as well as questioned to your birthday, you almost certainly wouldn't just tell them," he said. Carbunar discovered a approach to inject exaggerated info in in order to a Fitbit user profile linked for the returns web site EarndIt. "We have to figure out the approach to integrate them."

Bogdan Carbunar, a new professor in the Florida International College Institution involving Computing along with Details Sciences, showed a different kind of hacking in to wearable fitness devices. Though used to create a perform for the on-demand World wide web streaming content company that may be appealing to late-night movie watchers, your competitors showed your vulnerability involving wearable fitness devices to become able to hacking.

This story can be a component of Surveillance Society, a series examining the actual implications associated with privacy intrusions, many involving which occur on a every day basis. "If a person demonstrate each day you walk 10,000 steps, you spend less, with out truly carrying out the particular work."

During a 2014 competition amongst Netflix employees to create possible new features, 1 group hacked into a Fitbit and also produced the "Sleep Bookmark" function, immediately pausing Netflix since the wearer begun to fall asleep.

"It would demand a substantial degree of experience -- someone who's able to reverse the actual original firmware, modify it along with reassemble it before likely in advance and sending it for the device," Mr